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16Bar,20Bar,30Bar Screw air compressor

16Bar,20Bar,30Bar Screw air compressor

16bar Integrated Air compressor 100% transmission efficiency

Air Delivery Range: 1~2m3/min

Air Pressure Range: 16 BarG


1,Help employees grow,let employees help customers maximize the benefits, provide the ultimate,energy--saving,highly reliable and cost-effective products to contribute to social energy conservation and environmental protection.

2, Come up to the lowest operation cost of compressed air for SEIZE users.

3,Each 1Kw air compressor sold,,it can help customers save about 285USD in electricity bills on average every year ,and save 2.355 tons of carbon emissions for the earth.

ModelPowerAir deliveryPressureOutlet pipe sizeWeightDimension


1. Intelligent frequency conversion control system
1.Frequency conversion drive, constant pressure output.
2.Intelligent controller, monitor pressure, temperature, power fluctuations, intelligently adjust compressed air production, maximize energy saving.
3.Easy operation and friendly human-machine interaction.

02. Integrated permanent magnet motor and air end
1. Specially made 16Bar Air end, with heavy-duty bearings, high efficiency and long life.
2. IE4 standard High efficiency permanent magnet motor.
3. No unloading time.
4. 100% transmission efficiency

03.Double Air/oil separator system design
1. Built-in large flow Air/oil separator.
2. Spin-on Air/oil separator separates the oil and compressed air again, oil content is low, gas quality is guaranteed.
3. Air/oil Separator life time longer

04. Integrated design of Air dryer and filter system
1. Triple pipe filter configuration.
2. The filter has manual and automatic drainage design.
3. Low exhaust water content, gas quality is guaranteed

05. Integral piping system
1.Use stainless steel fine tube.
2.Simple structure and nice overall.
3.Never rust, smaller pressure drop.

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