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Nitrogen & Oxygen generator

Nitrogen & Oxygen generator

Modular Nitrogen Generator/ Oxygen Generator Compact structure Modular design Energy-saving


Product advantages

1. Design the most suitable solution to meet your needs.

2. Compact structure;

3. Modular design,integrated gas buffer module,provides you with a compact structure;

4. Quality Assurance;

5. The anodizin lectrostatically sprays the assembly.

6. Economic ideal;

7. Easily adjusted system;

8. Simple system adjustment just adjust a few PSA modules to simply adjust your system.

Process characteristics

1. Run Smoothly;

2. High Degree Of Automation In Operation;

3. Simple Process And Low Cost;

4. Energy Saving.

Selection characteristics

The non-pressure vessels formed by aluminum alloy die casting molds reduce the processing cycle,simplify the installation of fixtures,reduce non-ground operations,and reduce installation difficulty.

Technical design features

1. Adopt dense packing and pressing device to improve the reliability of the equipment;

2. Product appearance is beautiful,the process layout is reasonable,and the structure is compact;

3. The equipment is highly automated and oxygen pressure and flow can be adjusted as needed.


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