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Nitrogen & Oxygen generator

Nitrogen & Oxygen generator

PSA Nitrogen Generator for Oil&Gas, Electronics, Chemical and Pharmaceutical


Product introduction

Pressure swing adsorption(PSA)nitrogen generator is an automatic equipment that uses carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent, pressure reduction desorption prin- ciple to adsorb oxygen from the air, thereby separating nitrogen.


Technical indicators

Nitrogen production:1~5000Nm³/h(Standard State)

Nitrogen purity:90%~99.9995%(National Standard Non-oxygen Content)

Nitrogen pressure:0.01~0.8Mpa(Table Pressure Stable And Adjustable)

Nitrogen dew point:-40℃~-70℃(Atmospheric Dew Point)

High quality carbon molecular sieve

High density, compact spring loaded, top/bottom balance, protected by a dedicated pressure sensor

Product characteristics

1. Raw material air is taken from nature. Nitrogen can be produced by supplying compressed air and power.

2. Nitrogen purity can be adjusted conveniently and arbitrarily between 90% and 99.999%.

3. The equipment is highly automated, produces gas quickly, and can be unattended. Nitrogen can be produced within 10-15 minutes of startup.

4. The equipment process is simple, occupies a small area, consumes less energy and costs.

5. Molecular sieves are filled by snowstorm method to avoid the pulverization of molecular sieves caused by high-pressure airflow impact and ensure the long-term use of molecular sieves.

6. On-line inspection of imported analyzer with high accuracy and maintenance-free.

Flow Chart Of Nitrogen Machine


Technical Parameters

Note:The data in this table are based on 0.8 Mpa feed air, 20℃ ambient temperature,0 m gauge and 80% relative temperature.

The data provided in this sample is for reference only.

97%(Nitrogen Purity)








Inlet pipe size


pipe diameter



SZN97- 20200. 67DN15DN151250* 600*1400
SZN97- 30301. 00DN20DN151250* 600*1850
SZN97- 40401. 33DN20DN251450* 700* 1825
SZN97- 50501. 67DN25DN251150*1130*1900
SZN97- 60602. 00DN25DN401150*1130*1900
SZN97- 80802. 7DN32DN401750* 825* 2090
SZN97- 1001003. 3DN32DN401800* 850* 2420
SZN97- 1201204. 0DN40DN401800* 850* 2090
SZN97- 1501505. 0DN40DN401850* 925* 2100
SZN97- 1801806. 0DN50DN401850* 925* 2390
SZN97- 2002006. 7DN50DN402000* 950* 2350
SZN97- 2502508. 3DN50DN502100*1000*2470
SZN97- 30030010. 0DN65DN502100*1100*2530
SZN97- 35035011. 7DN65DN502100*1100*2800
SZN97- 40040013. 3DN65DN802200*1150*2820
SZN97- 50050016. 7DN80DN802350*1400*2870
SZN97- 60060020. 0DN80DN802350*1450*3060
SZN97- 80080026. 7DN100DN802500*1500*3480
SZN97- 1000100033. 3DN100DN1002950*1600*3810
SZN97- 1500150050. 0DN125DN1002950*1500*4620
SZN97- 1800180060. 0DN125DN1002950*1800*4820
SZN97- 2000200066. 7DN125DN1002950*1800*5020
SZN97- 2500250083. 3DN200DN1005900*1500*4520
SZN97- 30003000100. 0DN250DN1255900*1500*4620

Working Environment

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