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Centrifugal air compressor series

Centrifugal air compressor series

CH160 magnetic Levitation Centrifuge Series drive Zero loss


Magnetic suspension centrifugal air compressor

Features Introduction

■ Dopt active magnetic suspension bearing system, no wear, no need for lubrication and maintenance.

■ High-performance inverter is used to control the speed, and a variety of control modes can be selected.

■ Using advanced control system, the running status can be monitored and controlled remotely, without the need for on-site personnel.

■ The fully enclosed air cooling system is used to dissipate the heat of the motor to ensure that the fan is in a stable and e cient operation state.

■ Modular design, convenient and quick maintenance.


■ Air is sucked in from the air inlet

■ The air is compressed by the rst stage impeller

■ Heat and condensate are taken away in the rst-stage intercooler

■ The air is further compressed by the second stage

■ More heat and condensate are taken away in the second-stage intercooler

■ The air is compressed to the nal pressure in the third stage

■ The air is discharged from the outlet, passes through the aftercooler, and enters the user system after further cooling


■ The magnetic bearing is completely frictionless, reducing the probability of product damage.

■ The service life of the fan can reach more than 20 years.

■ Simple maintenance, only need to replace the lter regularly.

■ No lubrication system is needed, saving lubricating oil and cleaning costs.

■ The motor adopts direct drive, small size, light weight and space saving.

■ Domestic production can guarantee the timely supply of spare parts.


■ High-e ciency ternary ow backward curved impeller

■ Made of titanium alloy

■ Optimal parameter design

■ Each impeller is tested for 115% overspeed

■ Unique micro-spline connection, capable of delivering power up to 10,000 kW

■ Assembling and disassembling will not damage the parts


Features Introduction

■ The active magnetic bearing system is the core system of the magnetic levitation centrifugal blower. The motor rotor is xed between two radial actuators and two axial actuators. The position of the rotor is detected by a position sensor and the position signal is re ected in real time. Give the actuator controller.

■ When the rotor is o set, the controller will adjust the magnetic eld force of the magnetic bearing according to the o set of the rotor to return the rotor to the correct position.


Technical Parameters

ModelPowerPressureAir VolumeOutlet CaliberWeight

Application Field

It adopts advanced magnetic bearing, ternary ow turbine, high-speed permanent magnet synchronous motor, high-speed frequency conversion speed regulation, intelligent monitoring and control and other core technologies. When starting, it suspends rst and then rotates. There is no friction and no lubrication. The turbine and the rotor are directly connected and drive Zero loss. The noise is as low as 80 decibels and is widely used in sewage treatment, aquaculture, steel, cement, food, brewing, textile, petrochemical and other elds.

Working Environment

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