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Centrifugal air compressor series

Centrifugal air compressor series

Gear Centrifuge Series for the petrochemical industry


Magnetic suspension centrifugal air compressor

■ Customized order-taking production, customized order-taking according to pressure and ow, providing technical parameters according to requirements

■ ≤500KW, low voltage frequency conversion can be customized, frequency conversion range 20%

Features Introduction

■ Integral assembly, simple structure, compact layout

■ Provide 100% oil-free air

■ The three-stage compressor unit has high e ciency and low operating cost

■ Long-life single-shaft single-impeller rotor structure

■ High e ciency air cooler

■ Automatic control system with microprocessor as the core

■ Constant pressure control and automatic dual control

■ Simple operation, less daily maintenance

■ High-quality and perfect after-sales service and spare parts supply


■ The maintenance time is only one-seventh of the vertical split

■ The inspection of seals, bearings and gears only takes 2.5 hours

■ To check the gear bearing, just lift the upper cover

■ The whole process only takes 2.5 hours

■ High-e ciency ternary ow backward curved impeller

■ Use hard stainless steel material Armco 17.4 pH

■ Optimal parameter design

■ Each impeller is tested for 115% overspeed

■ Unique micro-spline connection, capable of delivering power up to 10,000 kW

■ Assembling and disassembling will not damage the parts


■ Air is sucked in from the air inlet

■ The air is compressed by the rst stage impeller

■ Heat and condensate are taken away in the rst-stage intercooler

■ The air is further compressed by the second stage

■ More heat and condensate are taken away in the second-stage intercooler

■ The air is compressed to the nal pressure in the third stage

■ The air is discharged from the outlet, passes through the aftercooler, and enters the user system after further cooling

Application Field

■ In the petrochemical industry, compressed air is used as an oxidation reaction gas to provide power, etc.

■ In the textile and chemical ber industry, compressed air a ects the quality and hygiene of the fabric, etc.

■ Aerospace industry, engine simulation wind tunnel, pneumatic component test system, etc.

■ Metal smelting industry, heat treatment, instrument gas, air separation nitrogen as protective gas, etc.

Technical Parameters

Exhaust pressure(MPa)0.35~0.460.35~0.46
Exhaust volume(m³/min)73~120113~183
Motor power(KW315~500450~800
Voltage / FrequencyV/Hz
Air Outlet(mm
DimensionNet weight(kg)650010500
Three-stage atmospheric pressure modelC-800C-1120
Exhaust pressure(MPa)0.7~1.00.7~1.0
Exhaust volume(m³/min)73~120113~183
Motor power(KW400~800630~1120
Voltage / FrequencyV/Hz
Air Outlet(mm
Net weight(kg)800012000

Working Environment

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