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High Efficiency Air End

High Efficiency Air End

The core of air compressors SZA82226 oil-free Air End

Air Delivery Range: 18.21~82.67 m³/min

Air Pressure Range: 0.3~1.2 BarG


Seize air independent research and development high efficiency air end.

Air end is the core of air compressors,mostly commonly used name is air end, screw air end, screw block,block, oil lubricated air end,and rotary screw,air end is the part, where the actual compression takes place, inside the air end are female and male rotors that rotate in opposite directions,screw air ends are designed to produce continuous,steady air flow, air ends is the screw element is the most important part of any screw type compressor, it’s that part of the machine where the actual compression takes place.

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