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Textile industry (hot sales)

Textile industry (hot sales)

6-12bars screw compressors in textile industry with 7.5-250kw


Air compressor primary station building

Efficient Host

1. Using high efficiency, large displacement host, cooperate with permanent magnet motor, ensure big displacement while small motor;

2. Large rotor, low speed, high efficiency, low noise, low vibration, low energy consumption;

Independent Oil Pump Forced Lubrication Design

1. Using independently oil pump forced lubrication;

2. Ensure that there is enough fuel injection under extremely low exhaust pressure (2kg) to optimize the oil/gas mixture ratio;

The Customized Enlarged Oil & air Separating System

1. More customized oil separation system to ensure oil and gas separation effect, air oil content less than 2ppm;

2. The internal pressure loss of air compressor is small;


One Textile Company's Case

Originally they used a very famous brand air compressor(Electricity guzzler), 146.6 degrees electricity per hour. Then they changed a domestic brand low pressure, two-stage compression air compressor, 140 degrees per hour, it didnzt reach their expected energy saving performance.

At last they bought our SEIZE PMM and two-stage compression air compressor, 1023 degrees per hour, it can save 40 degrees more than the previous one. Each year they can save: 40x24x30x12=345,600 degrees power, greatly reduced the production cost.

Some Customers'on-site Cases

Production strength

The workshop staff have been engaged in the production of air compressors for a long time, and have accumulated a lot of on-site technical and management experience. The sales elite with 16 years of air compressor sales experience and a team of after-sales engineers with strong air compressor maintenance expertise

Company Qualification




Ten-year operating cost analysis of air compressors


For example: Cost analysis of a 132KW air compressor in 10 years life-cycle

・ Purchase cost is about RMB 300,000 yuan

・ Maintenance cost is on average of ¥35,000 each year, 10 years in total is around ¥350,000

・ Using 24 hours a day, 320 days a year. Loading rate is 100%, electricity price is ¥1/degree

・ 10 years' power cost=132x1.15x24x320x1x10= RMB 11.66 million

・ Total cost of this air compressor in 10 years= 11.66+0.3+0.35= 12.31 million

・ The electricity cost ratio =11.66/12.31=94.7%

・ The maintenance cost ratio = 0.35/1231=2.8%

・ The purchase cost ratio =03/12.31=2.5%

More than 94% of an air compressor using cost comes from energy consumption!!!

You can save more than 25% if use the same power SEIZE customized air compressor for textile industry, which means you can save RMB 3 millions.

Characteristics of air compressors used in the textile industry

1. Normally 24 hours running, environment is tough, dusty, high requirement of quality;

2. High air consumption;

3. Low air pressure;

4. Most of air compressor station are irregular, complex pipeline, big pressure loss;

5. A half manufacture cost comes from air compressor's power consumption.

Midd  SVC -110A/W II SVC -120A/W II SVC -132A/W II SVC -150A/W II
4.5kgf/cm2 7.7-30.0 8.8-35.0 9.6-38.3 10.5-42.0
5.5kgf/cm2 7.2-28.2 7.9-30.0 8.8-35.0 9.6-38.3
6.5kgf/cm2 6.7-26.6 7.2-28.2 7.8-33.0 8.8-35.0
AIR Delivery 7.5kgf/cm2 6.1-24.5 6.5-26.0 7.2-30.0 8.1-33.0
10.5kgf/cm2 5.1-20.1 5.6-22.9 6.1-24.1 6.5-28.0
12.5kgf/cm2 4.4-17.3 4.7-19.2 5.4-21.3 6.1-24.3
Outlet Temperature (°C)
Compressor Outlet Pipe Diameter (inch) DN100 DN125 DN125 DN125
Transmission method
Lubricant Requirement (L) 120 150 150 150
Oil content (ppm)
Concuss (mm/s)
Max Working Ambient
Temperature (°C)
Power (kW) 110 120 132 150
Starting method
Electric Motor Voltage 380V/440V/660V
Protection Level
Cooler Control method
Fan Power (KW) 44655 4/5.5/4 4/5.5 5.5/5.5
Cooling Air Volume 380/18.8 390/20.6 410/22.8 500/25.8
Weight (kg) 4300 5000 5100 5800
Air-Cooling External  1850 1920 1920 1950
Dimension 1950 2060 2060 2150
Weight (kg) 3600 5000 5100 5300
Water-Cooling Dimension 1860 2130 2130 2130

Working Environment

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