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Whole Process of Three Filters Maintenance for Oil Injection Screw Air Compressor

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Air compressor refers to the compressor whose compression medium is air. It is widely used in mechanical mining, chemical industry, petroleum, transportation, construction, navigation and other industries. Its users almost cover all sectors of the national economy, with a large quantity and a wide range. As far as professional compressor manufacturers and professional agents are concerned, its follow-up maintenance and maintenance work is very arduous, especially in hot summer, because of heavy maintenance tasks and heavy workload, it is not timely to repair; For users, it is necessary to master the routine maintenance of air compressor in order to ensure safe production. Today, the author gives a brief introduction to some common sense in the maintenance of oil-injection screw air compressor.

First, before maintenance

(1) Prepare the required spare parts according to the maintained air compressor model. Communicate and coordinate with the production department on site, confirm the units to be maintained, hang safety signs and isolate the warning area.

(2) Confirm that the unit is powered off. Close the high pressure outlet valve.

(3) Check the leakage status of each pipeline and interface in the unit, and handle any abnormality.

(4) Drain the old cooling oil: connect the pressure interface of the pipe network with the system pressure interface in series, open the outlet valve, drain the old cooling oil by air pressure, and drain the waste oil as far as possible at the hand wheel head. Finally, close the outlet valve again.

(5) Check the condition of the nose and the main motor. The handwheel of the handwheel should rotate smoothly for several revolutions. If there is stagnation, the belt or the coupling can be detached if necessary, and it is judged that it belongs to the fault of the headstock or the main motor.

Second, replace the air filtration process

Open the rear cover of the air filter, unscrew the nut and washer assembly that fixes the filter element, take out the filter element and replace it with a new one. Remove the empty filter element for visual inspection, and purge the empty filter element with compressed air. If the filter element is seriously clogged, deformed or damaged, the empty filter element must be replaced; The dust bin of air filter cover must be clean.

If inferior air filtration is used, it will lead to dirty oil separation and blockage, and the lubricating oil will deteriorate rapidly. If the air filter element is blocked by blowing dust irregularly, the air intake will be reduced and the air compression efficiency will be reduced. If the filter element is not replaced regularly, it may cause the negative pressure to increase and be sucked through, and dirt will enter the machine, blocking the filter and oil separation core, deteriorating the cooling oil and wearing the main engine.

Third,Replace the oil filter process

(1) Remove the old filter element and gasket with a band wrench.

(2) Clean the sealing surface, put a layer of clean compressor oil on the new gasket, and the new oil filter must be filled with engine oil and then screwed in place to avoid damage to the main engine bearing due to short-term oil shortage. Tighten the new filter element manually, and then use the band wrench for 1/2-3/4 turn again.

The risk of replacing inferior oil filter is: insufficient flow, resulting in high temperature of air compressor and burning loss of nose. If the oil filter is not replaced regularly, the pressure difference before and after will increase, the oil flow will decrease, and the exhaust temperature of the main engine will increase.

Fourth,Replace the oil-gas separator filter element.

(1) Release the pressure in the tank and pipeline of the oil-gas separator, disassemble all pipelines and bolts connected with the gland of the oil-gas separator, and remove the oil-gas separator filter element sleeved together by the gland.

(2) Check whether there is rust dust in the container. After cleaning, put the new separator filter into the cylinder, install the gland to recover, insert the oil return pipe 3-5mm away from the bottom of the filter, and clean all pipelines.

(3) The staple on the new oil distributor is specially designed to prevent static electricity. Never remove it, which will not affect the sealing.

(4) Before installing the new oil, the gasket must be coated with engine oil to facilitate the next disassembly.

If inferior oil is used in maintenance, it will lead to poor separation effect, large pressure drop and high oil content at the outlet.

If the oil separation core is not replaced regularly, it will lead to excessive pressure difference before and after breakdown, and the cooling lubricating oil will enter the pipeline with the air.

Fifth,Change lubricating oil

1) The unit fills new engine oil to the standard position. You can refuel at the oil filler or refuel from the oil distributor base before installing the oil distributor.

(2) When the screw oil is filled too much and the liquid level exceeds the upper limit, the initial separation effect of the oil separation barrel will become worse, and the oil content of the compressed air passing through the oil separation core will increase, which exceeds the processing capacity of the oil separation and the oil return of the oil return pipe, so that the oil content after fine separation will increase. Stop the machine to check the oil level height, and ensure that the oil level height is between the upper and lower scale lines when the machine is stopped.

(3) Screw engine oil is not good, which is characterized by poor defoaming, oxidation resistance, high temperature resistance and emulsification resistance.

(4) If different brands of engine oil are mixed, the engine oil will deteriorate or gel, which will cause the oil separation core to be blocked and deformed, and the oily compressed air will be directly discharged.

(5) The deterioration of oil quality and lubricity will aggravate the wear of the machine. The rising oil temperature will affect the working efficiency and life of the machine, and the oil pollution is serious, which may cause damage to the machine.

Six, check the belt

(1) Check the pulley transmission position, V-belt and belt tensioner.

(2) Check whether the pulley is in the same plane with a ruler, and adjust it if necessary; Visually inspect the belt. If the V-belt is deeply trapped in the V-groove of the pulley, it will be seriously worn or the belt will have aging cracks, and a full set of V-belt must be replaced. Check the belt tensioner and adjust the spring to the standard position if necessary.

Seven, clean the cooler

(1) The air cooler shall be purged regularly. Under the shutdown state, the air cooler shall be purged from top to bottom with compressed air.

(2) Be careful not to damage the radiating fins during purging, and avoid cleaning with hard objects such as iron brushes.

Eight, maintenance to complete the boot debugging

After the maintenance of the whole machine is completed, it is required that the vibration, temperature, pressure, motor running current and control all reach the normal range, and there is no oil leakage, water leakage and air leakage. If any abnormality is found during debugging, stop the machine immediately for inspection, and then start the machine for use after eliminating the problem.


To sum up, the routine maintenance of air compressor is a very important work in the public facilities of the factory, which plays an escort role for the safe operation of the factory. As long as the above basic operations are mastered, compressed air will become a safe, clean and convenient energy source.



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