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Oil-injected screw air compressor

Oil-injected screw air compressor

Permanent magnet frequency conversion unipolar


Permanent magnet variable frequency twin-screw air compressor

Application :

1. Sewage treatment

2. Food

3. Ceramics

4. Cement

5. Textile chemical fiber

6. Electronic

7. Other manufacturing

Product advantages

1. Customized high-efficiency dual-stage air-end : Customize the air-end according to flow and pressure, and the compression efficiency is higher.

2. Customized high-efficiency motor : permanent magnet/high-efficiency variable frequency IE4 energy efficiency grade motor. Independent air cooling, IP55 protection grade, not easy to high temperature, SKF bearing design.

3.More durable: Designed according to the maximum ambient temperature of 52°C, the intake air has a pre-filter, which is suitable for various harsh environments.

4.Smarter: Multiple protections, constant temperature and pressure output, intelligent display and control + remote monitoring + Internet of Things, built-in intelligent flow meter and electricity meter, clearly displaying operating conditions.

5.More thoughtful: a built-in heat energy recovery system can directly recover about 70% of the heat energy.

 Enterprise strength


2016-2015-SEIZE launched the first two-stage compression permanent magnet variable frequency energy-saving air compressor (first launched (two-stage compression + pressure customization + permanent magnet variable frequency) new energy-saving air compressor, the results were put into production and introduced to the market)

2016-Explore the low-pressure market, SEIZE developed a low-pressure customizition + permanent magnet variable frequency energy-saving air compressor for the low-pressure market, and successfully put it into production and introduced it to the low-pressure market

2017-Customized large model + high-efficiency single-stage oil-cooling integrated machine; SEIZE developed large-scale screw energy-saving air compressors above 80m³/min for large customers, and successfully put them into production. In the same year, high-efficiency oil-cooled single-stage integrated machine was successfully launched to market

2018-Oil-free screw blower + unpowered dryer; developed oil-free screw blower and put it into operation. In the same year, unpowered dryer was developed and successfully introduced to the market

Dry oil-free compressor + laser cutting integrated compressor; researched and developed dry oil-free products, successfully realized the domestic production of dry oil-free air compressors, successfully put into production. In the same year, developed a laser cutting integrated machine and successfully launched it to the market

High-speed dry + maglev blower; successfully developed high-speed dry air compressor and maglev blower

The future can be expected

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