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What are the advantages of a screw compressor?

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High reliability.The screw compressor has fewer components and no vulnerable parts, therefore it operates reliably and has a long lifespan.

Easy operation and maintenance.The screw compressor has a high degree of automation and can achieve unmanned operation.

Good power balance.The screw compressor has no unbalanced force, and the machine can work smoothly at high speed, achieving no foundation operation, small size, light weight, and small footprint.

Strong adaptability.Screw compressors have the characteristic of forced gas transmission and can maintain high efficiency over a wide range. They are suitable for various working conditions without any changes to the compressor structure.

SEIZE Energy-saving Air Compressor Features and Advantages

Dual pressure customized host, with an average efficiency improvement of 20%

Utilizing the principle of reducing compression ratio and reducing backflow leakage, which is close to the principle of equal temperature compression, the efficiency of single stage compression is improved by 12-15%;

2. Pressure customized dual level hosts increase efficiency by 5-8% compared to regular dual level hosts

Permanent magnet/high-efficiency variable frequency motor: average efficiency improvement of 5%

Eliminate no-load;

Eliminate excess pressure;

Countless starts and stops, maintaining high efficiency during frequency conversion;

The motor efficiency is level one energy efficiency

Dual frequency conversion system: constant temperature and pressure

Constant temperature output: Generally, the constant temperature is set at around 81 ℃ to achieve the best oil lubrication effect and avoid high-temperature tripping phenomenon; Constant voltage output: The constant voltage control accuracy is ± 0.005MPa, improving the user's yield and product quality;

Customized enlarged cooling system

Increase the surface area of the radiator with rust and anti-corrosion coating, easy to clean, long service life, and good heat dissipation and constant temperature effect;

Low oil temperature, to avoid the phenomenon of adhesive, carbon deposition, and high temperature in the oil circuit;

The unit operates smoothly and has a longer lifespan, avoiding high-temperature shutdown phenomena;

Adopting an increased frequency conversion fan, and centrifugal fans above 75kW, with uniform heat dissipation, low noise, and large air volume;

Customized enlarged oil and gas pipeline system

Increase the oil and gas pipeline system to minimize pipeline pressure loss;

Good heat dissipation effect and stable equipment operation. 3. Good oil and gas separation effect, with an oil content of less than 3PPM in the outlet gas;



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