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In 2023, the mid-year meeting of Sazhen energy-saving air compressor and the group building tour were a complete success!

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In this passionate July, nearly 400 employees of Sazhen Energy-saving Air Compressor and their families gathered in Taizhou to start the 2023 Mid-year Conference of Sazhen Energy-saving Air Compressor and the mid-year tour for all employees!

With the same hope and enthusiasm as in midsummer, we go all out to a new journey that will live up to our youth and sweat. Cheng Hongxing, general manager of Sazhen energy-saving air compressor, Liao Tieqiang, vice president of product center, Yu Xiujuan, vice president of operation center, and more than 300 core leaders and employees of the company attended the meeting.

At 8:30 am on July 8, 2023, the mid-year meeting of Sazhen energy-saving air compressor was held grandly!


Sazhen energy-saving air compressor mid-year summary meeting glory moment award ceremony

In the audience's attention and warm applause, Cheng Hongxing, general manager of Sazhen Energy-saving Air Compressor, announced the PK winner of the regional league in the first half of the year: the winning team, and personally presented the award. This award is not only an affirmation of the winning team's past, but also an expectation and encouragement for their future.


Of course, this also inspires the players of the champion team to win the championship, indicating that the performance in the second half of the year will definitely surpass the winning team, achieve the championship and create more glory for the company.


The directors of various war zones shouted loud slogans, one after another with great momentum, and shouted out the clank vows of Sazhen elites, which also showed everyone's confidence in winning the PK goal in the second half of the year.


Cheng zong's management sharing


Mr. Cheng delivered a speech on the stage. First of all, he reviewed the gratifying achievements in all aspects of the company's development in the first half of 2023, especially the achievement of performance targets beyond the standard, which could not be separated from the hard work of all employees. Thank you all!


The second half of the year is a new starting point and a new journey. General Manager Cheng laid out and planned the company's development direction in the second half of the year, and formulated assessment indicators to require and motivate all functional departments to seriously carry out the work in the second half of the year, strive to achieve the annual goal well, and encourage everyone to keep up the momentum.

Summary of senior leaders of Sazhen


Safety in production is the basis of doing all the work well, and it is also an important guarantee for the development of enterprises. Mr. Liao stressed the need to strengthen personal safety awareness and put safety in production in an important position, especially now that the company is in a period of rapid development and customers' orders are constantly flowing. Everyone must do all the work in a down-to-earth manner and provide customers with better products and services with good quality and quantity!


Mr. Yu said that success is ambition and Excellence is pursuit. Excellence and honor will always belong to the unremitting strugglers, but also to the vanguard of opening up the market. The operating system should go all out to output and empower all our departments, and we will work together to promote the development of the company!


At the mid-year report meeting of the middle and senior leaders of Sazhen Energy-saving Air Compressor, everyone reported on the main work completion in the first half of 2023, comprehensively expounded the job responsibilities, indicators completion, key work development and other aspects, and scientifically planned the planned objectives, key work and management measures for the second half of the year.

Sazhen energy-saving air compressor travel moment

In order to enrich employees' amateur cultural life, increase employees' cohesion and team spirit, and devote themselves to work and life with more enthusiasm and spirit, Sazhen Energy-saving Air Compressor specially organized this group building activity for all employees: Tiantai Mountain (a national 5A-level tourist attraction), with special emphasis on traveling with family members! We embarked on this journey with drifting and mountain climbing as the theme with great expectation!


Start a trip that says go and go.

Punch in: Jigong's hometown


Sazhen people who don't like drifting came to "Jigong's hometown" and felt Jigong's mind of "serving the public wholeheartedly and being altruistic without me". In particular, the spirit of helping others and being kind coincides with the concept of "being kind up" advocated by Mr. Sa Zhen's energy-saving air compressor.

Punch in: Tiantai Feiteng Gorge rafting

A summer without drifting is incomplete!


Everyone put on life jackets, helmets and rubber boats and shuttled through the crystal clear water. With the speed of the water, we laughed, screamed and experienced unprecedented excitement and fun. The beautiful scenery along the way makes us feel relaxed and happy as if we were in a picture scroll.

Punch in: Tiantai Mountain Waterfall


At the foot of the mountain, we looked up, and the waterfall flew down, magnificent and incomparable.


While enjoying the beautiful scenery, all the staff headed for the top of the mountain. The fatigue on the road was replaced by the fun of climbing. We not only enjoyed the beautiful scenery of nature, but also enhanced the feelings between the teams in the process.





Sazhen energy-saving air compressor dinner


Sazhen people from all over the world gathered together to open a carnival feast. Everyone shared interesting things and gains in their work, which made us feel the beauty of life.

This mid-year tour allowed us to experience the other side of life after our busy work. In the process of feeling human culture, drifting and climbing mountains, we not only released the pressure, but also re-examined the value of life. We will devote ourselves to our work with good memories of this trip. Whether it is exciting rafting or climbing mountains and enjoying waterfalls, we will walk hand in hand, because we have confidence and determination to jointly create a better future.


Sazhen energy-saving air compressor was established in 2009. The company is located in Shanghai Jinshan Industrial Zone. The company integrates research and development, manufacturing, marketing and service. It is a brand manufacturer focusing on energy-saving air compressors and has maintained the profit growth ability of leading industries for many years. The company has always been committed to making users' compressed air costs lower in this industry!

In the future, under the guidance of the goal of "becoming the first-rate brand of energy-saving air compressors in the world", Sazhen will help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency with better and more energy-saving air compressor equipment, and make contributions to social and economic development.



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